Society for Implantology and TissueIntegrated Prosthesis

Art 3 of reconstructive and aesthetic surgery of the face and skull
- Surgery In A Child's Face -

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Society for Implantology and TissueIntegrated Prothesis

Gesellschaft für Implantologie und gewebeintegrierte Prothetik (GIGIP)

Welcome to our new homepage!
When the society for implantology and tissueintegrated prosthesis was founded in 2002 by just a small group of enthusiastic plastic and maxillofacial surgeons and some dentists nobody would have believed that just a decade later it has become one of the most highly renowned societies in their field. If you want to know more visit our history section.

The main goal of the society is the encouragement of interdisciplinary cooperation and collaboration in the field of implantology. While today various medical and surgical specialities exist, the experts using implants face rather similar challenges and thus can learn from each other. Therefor the society offers a platform of discussion and scientific communication by organizing meetings and conferences on a regular basis and every few years an international congress on up-to-date topics. If you want to know more, look it up here.
The GIGIP is "divided" in four workgroups representing the head-neck-region, the thorax, the abdomen and the musculoskeletal system; all areas in the human body where implants of different kind are utilized.