Society for Implantology and TissueIntegrated Prosthesis
59. Österreichischer Chirurgenkongress

Personalisierte Medizin in der Gesichtschirurgie

Following the main topic of this years congress of the Austrian Surgeons the focus of this GIGIP session is individualisation of maxillofacial surgery. The state-of-the art in plastic surgery will be discussed with invited international experts and the audience.
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Art 3

Art 3 of reconstructive and aesthetic surgery of the face and skull - surgery in a child's face

From 13th to 15th November 2015 some of the most renowned experts on surgery in children's faces discussed new methods and old challenges in face surgery.
All lectures are now available online.

Last event

Internationales Symposium: Möglichkeiten und Gefahren der Ästhetischen Medizin

In the past years the importance of aesthetic medicine has increased. At a meeting on November 7th 2011 at the University Krems the standards of subject-specific training and standards based on scientific principles have been discussed.

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Esthetics follows Function - Meet the Professionals
International Conference of Facial Esthetics

In the days between 15th and 16th of June 2007 forty high potential experts on the topic aesthetics shared their experience with visitors and among themselves making this meeting to one of the most successful ones.

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NOMA - Reconstruction of the Face of Poverty

After several successful cooperative projects on reconstructive surgery on NOMA patients both in Africa and in Europe the conference on the 25th of March 2006 brought together the international elite of NOMA surgery and etiology to evaluate and discuss their results.

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Art 2 of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery of the Face and Skull
- Distraction Osteogenesis

While Distraction Osteogenesis was still neglected in the rest of Austria, the GIGIP organized an international meeting on May 15th 2004 inviting the top maxillofacial surgeons to Vienna to share their experience.

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ART of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery of the Face and Skull
& Satellite Meeting - Oral Surgery

Although the main meeting and its satellite symposium on February 8th 2002 were not directly organized by the GIGIP, they are nonetheless regarded the starting point for the society.

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25. Congress of Austrian Dentists

Under the scietific overall direction of GIGIP President Vinzenz and Vice-President Haider being the Congress President this congress from 22nd to 24th 2004 was organized with international participation for the first time in its history.

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54. Österreichischer Chirurgenkongress 2013

What are the essential prerequisites to achieve an excellent result in aesthetic and plastic-reconstructive face surgery? This frequently discussed topic was subject in this year's session of the GIGIP. Find the answer by watching the recorded lecture of K. Vinzenz.

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53. Österreichischer Chirurgenkongress 2012

Since a plastic surgeon has been president of the GIGIP at this time the session was based around aesthetic surgery. Once again not only featured absorbing lectures but also a controversial discussion on the definition of aesthetic surgery.

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52. Österreichischer Chirurgenkongress 2011

Once again in cooperation with the workgroup hernia surgery the biological efficiency of hernia nets was discussed in this session.

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51. Österreichischer Chirurgenkongress 2010

Of course during the presidency of M. Ogon the topic of the session at the congress was "Interdisciplinary surgery on the spine".

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50. Österreichischer Chirurgenkongress 2009

The two sessions on face surgery were organized in cooperation with the Austrian Society for Plastic, Aesethetic and Reconstructive Surgery.

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49. Österreichischer Chirurgenkongress 2008

One year after the great success of "Esthetics follows function" the excellence in reconstructive face surgery has been recapitulated at this national congress.

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48. Österreichischer Chirurgenkongress 2007

The session chaired by President Wieselthaler featured visionary ideas and future usage for implants and included a guest speaker from the NASA Space Research Center.

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47. Österreichischer Chirurgenkongress 2006

One of the most controversial implants, the silicon implant, has been discussed in a well attended session on aesthetic surgery as part of evidence-based surgery.

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46. Österreichischer Chirurgenkongress 2005

The reconstruction of form and function by implants was topic in one session while the reconstruction of the abdominal wall was discussed in the other.

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45. Österreichischer Chirurgenkongress 2004

Since the main topic of this congress has been the perioperative management the sessions of GIGIP have been concentrated on infection prophylaxe in implantology.

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44. Österreichischer Chirurgenkongress 2003

Not only was the GIGIP associated with the Austrian Society for Surgery in the course of this congress, but also had three sessions on implantology and its future aspects for interdisciplinarity.

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NOMA Euro Coin "Exchange"

One week, from Monday, 09th to Sunday, 15th 2002 the members of the GIGIP "changed" national EURO coins to "foreign" ones for a donation in favour of the NOMA aid.


Vernissage for NOMA

On the 5th of May 2003 the students of the art academy in Vienna sold their paintings on the topic NOMA disease and thereby supported the GIGIP NOMA Foundation with their earnings.

Image 6

Students collecting for NOMA

Principal Franz Fetti and the pupils of the BRG Tulln were supporting the NOMA aid of the GIGIP by offering a EURO coin "exchange" and sharing the acquired donations.