Society for Implantology and TissueIntegrated Prosthesis

A brief history

Because of the unsatisfactory clinical results in the treatment of malformations and tumor induced defects in the face the society for implantology and tissue-integrated prosthetis was founded in 2002 by maxillofacial and plastic surgeons as well as dentists on the initiative of Prof. Holle and Prof. Vinzenz in succession of the international conference “Art of reconstructive and aesthetic surgery of the face and skull”.
The long lasting discussion on this topic led to the concept of “complex osteoplastic surgery of the face” being a combination of surgical techniques mainly first described and published in top scientific journals such as the prefabricated transplant for facial reconstruction.
The scientific idea of interdisciplinary approach in this field of surgery led to the association with the Austrian Society for Surgery in 2003 under the mentorship of Prof. Schiessel. From there on four work groups, head-neck, thorax, abdomen and musculoskeletal system where formed.
In the past 10 years since its foundation the society and its work groups where able to present an international accepted performance profile.

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Prof. Schiessel, Prof. Vinzenz and Prof. Szinicz at the press conference regarding the association with the Austrian Society for Surgery


Every two years the president candidate is nominated by a different workgroup in a rotating manner; thereby ensuring that every workgroup gets the change to present their research and take part in the decision-making of the society.

  • K. Vinzenz 2002-2004 (Founding president, Head-Neck)
  • R. Schiessel 2004-2006 (Abdomen)
  • G. Wieselthaler 2006-2008 (Thorax)
  • K. Vinzenz 2008-2010 (Head-Neck)
  • M. Ogon 2010-2012 (Musculoskeletal system)
  • R. Koller 2012-2013 (Plastic surgery)
  • C. Schaudy (Current president, Head-Neck)
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Vinzenz Schiessel Wieselthaler Ogon Koller Christian Schaudy